Been Loving Judo!

Who’d of thought?

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with throws. I mean, sure, throwing people is awesome, but getting thrown- eh not so much. I know part of it is fear. Back when I was training at my old dojo, I was thrown near the edge of the mat and I ended up breaking my foot on the hard edge. Breaking bones suck- I don’t care how tough you are. It took forever to heal- mainly because I wouldn’t stop training. Big surprise there! Plus throws are all about timing- unless you’re one of those people lucky enough to have super strength. For most of us mere mortals, if we don’t nail the timing just right the throw won’t work. And timing is tough to master.

And yet…

I’ve actually been really enjoying training Judo. Even though I look like a confused opossum during most of the drills, Judo has honestly been a lot of fun. Plus I *THINK* my technique is actually improving.

Fist bump to Sensei Casey Jordan, who has been patiently working with this confused opossum student =^_^=

Check out his site Roc Judo if you too want to throw some people around!


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